The creamy Alfredo sauce is rich and garlicy. Thin it with a bit of milk if you’d like! It goes really well with our fettuccine or tagliatelle.

Alfredo sauce
Bolognese sauce on spaghetti

Our Bolognese sauce is made with the absolute best meat around – Italian sausage from our neighbours at Valbella’s, which is so good we hardly have to add anything else. Use it with bigger noodles like bucatini, penne or spaghetti for a warm and hearty meal.


Our Marinara sauce is fresh, light and vegetarian. It goes well with wide and thin noodles like pappardelle. It’s often a warm-weather meal, or can be served as a first course in the traditional Italian style of the primi plato.

Marinara Sauce
Pesto Sauce on Pasta

Pesto is slippery and light, so it goes well with delicate noodles like Angel hair. It’s so flavourful that you don’t need a lot of sauce.

Brown Butter Sage

For our stuffed pastas like Ravioli and Tortellini, we suggest a lighter sauce that lets the inside of the pasta shine. Try an alfredo or even your own version of the Brown Butter Sage.

Ravioli with sauce